my services

I write Python, PHP and JavaScript code, connecting to MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, and can help create a list of product specifications before coding, estimating the cost and providing opinions if desired, as to what might work best for the customer. I don’t design, but can put my code into an existing design. I do sometimes code HTML and CSS but am not an expert at the latest versions of frontend, only older versions (which isn't a problem for a coder, as HTML/CSS can be included with a design; all my professional experience in it was before my degree). I also prioritise customer support, responding quickly and thoroughly to all communication. I like to make customers feel they are in capable and caring hands, and not burdened by “technobabble”.


Clean, commented PHP, Python and JavaScript.

Product Design

Having created a number of sites myself, and worked with a number of clients, and read a lot of books, hopefully by now I am at least somewhat qualified to sound off on product specifications.

Customer Support

I pick up the phone. I try to make sure everyone is happy.