I am unique

Bringing a deep interest in business and product design, technology, and artistic sophistication.

i am responsive

There’s not much to being responsive, but I am. It’s impressive how many people aren’t, compared to the time it costs them, and what it means to the client.

i am consistent

Harnessing the power of concentration, and pushing through barriers and limitations, consistently taking massive action.

my history

After an engineering degree with honours, I began coding PHP and MySQL websites for my own business, and after a year was given a contract at an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company based in Utah; I had done professional programming before, when I was a student, but this was the first opportunity I had as a degree-holder, where I programmed PHP websites and interacted directly with clients. I went on from that company to several other contracts, also creating along the way other websites of my own. I also spent a significant amount of time reading books about Steve Jobs and by authors like Tony Robbins and Paul McKenna. I am now seeking investors for my latest creation, CurriculumGrade.com, based on skills I learned during a Harvard certificate, while also seeking more contracting work as a programmer.

My Resume
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