I am professional

14 years experience running internet companies and creating web applications. Customer service is a top priority.

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I am perfectionist

Attention to detail, fulfilling all project requirements (without being reminded).

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I am talented

1470/1600 SAT (1999), National Merit Commended Scholar (1998), Recent Harvard certificate (see below). Can help with market placement and product design, in addition to coding.

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my history

After an engineering degree with honours, I began coding PHP and MySQL websites for my own business, and after a year was given a contract at an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company based in Utah; I had done professional programming before, when I was a student, but this was the first opportunity I had as a degree-holder, where I programmed PHP websites and interacted directly with clients. I went on from that company to several other contracts, also creating along the way other websites of my own. I also spent a significant amount of time reading books about Steve Jobs and by authors like Tony Robbins and Paul McKenna. I am now seeking investors for my latest creation, CurriculumGrade.com, based on skills I learned during a Harvard certificate, while also seeking more contracting work as a programmer.

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product design
customer service


projects done


happy clients


product design


cups of coffee

my works

At present only two websites with my code in them remain online, and are below.


Development/Product Design


Development/Product Design

My Services

I write Python, PHP and JavaScript code, connecting to MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, and can help create a list of product specifications before coding, estimating the cost and providing opinions if desired, as to what might work best for the customer. I don’t design, but can put my code into an existing design. I do sometimes code HTML and CSS but am not an expert at the latest versions of frontend, only older versions (which isn't a problem for a coder, as HTML/CSS can be included with a design; all my professional experience in it was before my degree). I also prioritise customer support, responding quickly and thoroughly to all communication. I like to make customers feel they are in capable and caring hands, and not burdened by “technobabble”.


Clean, commented PHP, Python and JavaScript.

Product Design

Having created a number of sites myself, and worked with a number of clients, and read a lot of books, hopefully by now I am at least somewhat qualified to sound off on product specifications.

Customer Support

I pick up the phone. I try to make sure everyone is happy.

great team

Although a team of one, many businesses and individuals should find their needs met in a timely manner; unless you’re looking to scale a major web application like YouTube, you should be fine with just one programmer. I can hire a designer for you, or license a template, if you’d like.

Byron Deans


Latest News

I completed a Harvard certificate. I used skills from it to create a new web application for which I’m seeking funding. Before the Harvard certificate, I got another certificate through Edx from Microsoft, which came in handy during the Harvard certificate.